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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Most Complete Pandora Inspired Collection

Take a look at our collections of charms and beads.
Definitely the most complete collection Inspired by Pandora.
All available for wholesale at 2F-13, 2nd Floor, GM Klang, Bandar Botanic, Klang.

Lihatlah koleksi manik-manik dan charms kami.
Inilah koleksi inspirasi Pandora yang paling lengkap.
Dapatkan semua ini dengan harga borong di kedai kami di 2F-13, Tingkat 2, GM Klang, Bandar Botanik, Klang.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Necklace and Bracelet Set - New Arrival

We have a new arrival. These short necklace design comes with variety of colours.
They also have matching bracelets. You can sell them like in a Set.
Come and get them before there are sold out again.
 Come to our wholesale shop at 2F-15, 2nd floor, GM Klang

Vintage Couple Sets

Vintage couple bracelets and necklaces sets are back due to the popular demand. 
Young couples and teenagers simply love them. Its a sure hit!
Get them at wholesale price in 2F-15, 2nd floor, GM Klang — at GM Plaza, Bkt Tinggi, Klang.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Manik Mahkota - Inspired by Pandora

Kini, kita ada manik atau beads, yang bercorak Mahkota.
Ada 9 warna untuk dipilih.
Dapatkan dari PM Borong dengan harga borong di 2F-13, Tingkat 2, GM Klang.

Murano Beads Baru untuk diborong

Murano beads baru, kini sedia untuk diborong di kedai borong kami di 2F-13, GM Klang.

Reka bentuk murano beads terbaru! (Sept 2014)

Corak menarik murano beads.

Semua beads ini adalah sesuai dengan gelang pandora.

Loomband untuk diborong

Dapatkan loomband dengan harga borong di kedai borong kita di 2F-15, tingkat 2, GM Klang.
Terdapat pelbagai jenis dan packaging yang menarik.

Beli 3 Pack Free 1 Pack
Setiap Pack - 12 Kotak.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Loomband for Wholesale

Wholesale Loomband Starter Kit

Borong Set Loomband

1 box RM12
12 box RM72(RM6 each)
20 box above RM5.50 each

Postage Semenanjung
1 box - RM8
2 box - RM8+RM3 (every additional box add RM3)
12 box - RM35

Postage Sabah Sarawak
1 box - RM12
2 box - RM12+RM5 (every additional add RM5)
12 box - RM65

C.O.D available at Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Klang Parade and Aeon Cheras Selatan

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kitty Hairbands are back!

We have new designs of kitty hairbands or cat hairband for wholesale in GM Klang, Klang, Malaysia. Comes in varieties of colours and patterns. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Korea beads bracelets

We have Korea style bracelet for wholesale. Full range of colors available. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dragonfly Dangling Charms (compatible with Pandora Bracelet)

Flying dangling charms. Well, it's a dragonfly to be exact. This will fits your pandora bracelet. Four colors available.

Now available for wholesale at 2F-03, 2nd floor, GM Klang.

Datanglah sekarang ke kedai borong kami di GM Klang. Siapa cepat, dia dapat. Stok terhad.

Wholesale Gradient beads Inspired by Pandora

Beautiful gradient pandora inspired bead. 

Now available for wholesale in PM Borong. While stock last.

Inspired Pandora Beads for wholesale

Wholesale Inspired pandora beads, new collection

Pastikan anda datang secepat mungkin untuk koleksi baru pandora beads ini. Pasti laris.

30 pieces per pack. Mix colors
RM45 per pack. (RM1.50 per piece)

Compatible with pandora bracelet

Full range of color is still available (Updated 12 Sept 2014)

Full range of color is still available (Updated 12 Sept 2014)

New dangling charms

Fully compatible with pandora bracelets.
Dangling hearts in full color. It's selling really fast.

Dangling color crystals. Full range of colors.

Don't miss this, it's really really selling like hot cake.

Pastikan anda datang ke kedai borong kami di 2F-13, Tingkat 2, GM Klang. Kami adalah kedai borong yang genuine.