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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Kedai Pandora Inspired di GM Klang

PM Borong have the largest pandora Inspired Beads collection for wholesale. We are located at B-1-197, 1st floor, Block B, GM Klang.

PM Borong adalah pemborong dan pembekal Pandora Inspired yang paling besar. Koleksi Pandora Inspired kami adalah paling lengkap dan sesuai untuk pasaran Malaysia. Kedai borong Pandora Inspired kami berada di B-1-197, Tingkat 1, Block B, GM Klang.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Borong Gelang Kristal dari GM Klang

Kalau nak borong Gelang Kristal, mesti datang ke kedai borong kami di GM Klang. PM Bor adalah pemborong aksesori wanita terungul di Malaysia.

B-1-191, Tingkat 1, Blok B, GM Klang Wholesale City.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Borong Dreamcatcher earrings

Cantik tak dreamcatcher earrings kami? Borong dari PMBorong ya. Lokasi- B-2-205, Tingkat 2, Block B, GM Klang Wholesale City, Klang, Selangor. Whatsapp - 60183652955

Virtually visit our Shop in GM Klang

We are located at B-1-191, 1st floor, Block B, GM Klang Wholesale City. As you can see from the video, we wholesale ladies accessories. We have a few more shops to show you later, as of now have fun touring our shop.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Premium Bangles for Wholesale

Premium Bangle 
Buy 1 - RM35 each
Postage : RM8 SM / RM12 SS
Harga Borong
(Minimum 6 premium Bangle, boleh campur design)

Kalau nak borong terus dari kedai borong kami, sila lawat PM Borong, B-2-205, Tingkat 2, Block B, GM Klang Wholesale City, Klang.

Whatsapp - 60183652955

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Black Beads Bracelet

Black Beads Bracelets comes with 4 designs.
Gelang Manik Hitam ada 4 reka bentuk.

Leopard head design
Reka bentuk kepala harimau bintang 

Lion head design
Reka bentuk kepala singa
All time bestseller

Dumbbell design 
Reka bentuk dumbbell
Favourite design for gym lovers

Anchor design
Reka bentuk sauh 
Great looking design

RM5 setiap satu (min 12)
RM4 setiap satu (min 24)
 Borong dari PM Borong, B-1-198, Tingkat 1, Block B, GM Klang Wholesale City.

Pandora Inspired Bracelets are now more affordable

PM Borong understand that Pandora Inspired bracelets sometimes are a little expensive and inconvenient because of the different sizes in bracelets. 

Now we introduce you the Free Size Pandora Inspired Bracelets. Its now more affordable and flexible. You don't need to measure your wrist anymore and you can pass this to anyone else if you don't wear them anymore. Best of all, it is still customisable just like the usual Pandora Inspired Bracelet.

Each is only RM35. If you are buying in bulk, wholesale or "borong", we are only selling them at RM17.50 each. Half the normal price.

Get them now at PM Borong, B-1-197, Level 1, Block B, GM Klang Wholesale City