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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Pandora Inspired Bracelets are now more affordable

PM Borong understand that Pandora Inspired bracelets sometimes are a little expensive and inconvenient because of the different sizes in bracelets. 

Now we introduce you the Free Size Pandora Inspired Bracelets. Its now more affordable and flexible. You don't need to measure your wrist anymore and you can pass this to anyone else if you don't wear them anymore. Best of all, it is still customisable just like the usual Pandora Inspired Bracelet.

Each is only RM35. If you are buying in bulk, wholesale or "borong", we are only selling them at RM17.50 each. Half the normal price.

Get them now at PM Borong, B-1-197, Level 1, Block B, GM Klang Wholesale City


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